Current Fulbrighters

This list showcases Fulbright Iceland grantees for the current fiscal year. Below you will find some basic information about them and their projects. Please note that additional names may be added as the year progresses.

Icelandic Students

Visiting Student Researcher

Birna G. Ásbjörnsdóttir

PhD research: "Meals, Microbiota & Mental Health of Children & Adolescents"

Host: Harvard University / Massachusetts General Hospital
Home Institution: University of Iceland

Karen Birna Þorvaldsdóttir

PhD research: "Help-Seeking for Trauma Recovery: Sociocultural Barriers among Gender-Based Violence Survivors in Iceland"

Host: University of Michigan
Home Institution: University of Akureyri

Salvör Rafnsdóttir

PhD research: "Elucidation of molecular pathways, genes and drugs that mediate cold responses in mammalian cells"

Host: Johns Hopkins University
Home Institution: University of Iceland

Icelandic Scholars

Fulbright Arctic Initiative III Scholar Award

Dr. Sigríður Kristjánsdóttir

Research Theme: Arctic Infrastructure in a Changing Environment
Research Project: Sustainable Circumpolar Development

Host: TBD
Home: Agricultural University of Iceland

Dr. Silja Bára Ómarsdóttir

Research Theme: Arctic Security and Cooperation
Research Project: Arctic Security as an Everyday, Lived Experience

Host: National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado Boulder
Home: University of Iceland

US Students

Fulbright student grants

Sadie Cook

Project: Photography. Bodies in the Sublime, Photographing Hot Springs in Iceland

Host: Iceland University of the Arts
Home Institution: Yale University

Nick Fry

Project: MS in Sustainable Energy Sciences. Geothermal Systems for Rural Communities

Host: University of Reykjavík
Home Institution: University of Montana

Fulbright-MoE grant for studies in Icelandic as a second language

Rachel Britton

Project: B.A. program in Icelandic; In Translation: Mapping Contemporary Icelandic Poetry

Host: Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies
Home Institution: SUNY College at Geneseo.

Fulbright - NSF Arctic Research grant

Corrie Nyquist

Project: Ecology, PhD research. Defying the cold: Life history and biodiversity of winter emerging chironomids in Iceland

Host: University of Iceland
Home Institution: University of Minnesota

US Scholars


Dr. Priscilla Barnes

Project: Public Health, teaching/research. Exploring modes and foci of maternal and infant health interventions: Lessons learned from the Icelandic Health System using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Evaluation Framework and Beattie’s Typology Promotion Model

Host: University of Iceland
Home Institution: Indiana University Bloomington

Fulbright-National Science Foundation Arctic Research Grants

Dr. Christopher Hamilton

Project: Geology. Planetary Analog Research in Iceland: Investigations of the 1783-1784 Laki and 2014-2015 Holuhraun Lava Flow-Fields

Host: University of Iceland, Institute of Earth Sciences
Home Institution: University of Arizona

Dr. Lukas Danner

Project: Political Science. Iceland's Second Chairmanship of the Arctic Council (2019-2021): A Study in Small States Leadership

Host: University of Iceland, Institute of International Affairs, Centre for Arctic Studies
Home Institution: Florida International University

Dr. Sara Rathburn

Project: Geology. Putting Down Roots: Afforestation and Channel Stability of Icelandic Rivers

Host: University of Iceland, Institute of Earth Sciences
Home Institution: Colorado State University- Fort Collins

Dr. Christine Palmer

Project: Biology. Investigation of Soil Biota for Improved Forest Establishment

Host: Icelandic Forest Research
Home Institution: Castleton University

Dr. Laura Watt

Project: Environmental Sciences: Wild but Home: An Environmental History of Árneshreppur, in Iceland's Westfjords

Host: University Centre of the Westfjords
Home Institution: Sonoma State University

Dr. Adam Booth

Project: Geology: Controls on catastrophic bedrock landslide occurrence in northern Iceland

Host institution: Icelandic Institute of Natural History
Home institution: Portland State University

Dr. Skylar Young-Bayer

Project: Marine Biology, Fisheries. The Recovery of a Fishery Collapse: An Analysis of Reproduction and Recruitment in a Once Thriving Iceland Scallop Population

Host institution: Marine and Freshwater Research Institute
Home institution: University of Maine

Fulbright-National Science Foundation Scholar in Cyber-Security and Critical Infrastructure

Dr. Gregory Falco

Project: Computer Science, teaching/research. A Cybersecurity Clinic for Critical Infrastructure

Host: University of Iceland, Department of Computer Science
Home Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Fulbright Global Scholar

Dr. Farida Jalalzai

Project: Political Science. Women Presidents and Prime Ministers: A Virtuous Circle of Women´s Leadership?

Host institution: University of Iceland, Faculty of Political Science
Home institution: Oklahoma State University

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