Grants to Iceland

Iceland is considered a relatively safe country of great natural beauty. English is widely spoken around the country and in academia. There are exciting opportunities in a wide variety of fields both for students and scholars. The Fulbright Commission views its grantees as family. We offer monthly enrichment activities and are here to help our grantees make the most of their stay.

Fulbright Iceland is committed to increasing the accessibility of the Fulbright experience for grantees with diverse needs. The Bruce A. Fowler Mobility Fund provides funding to US Fulbright scholars to Iceland with a disability that leads to additional costs that are not covered specifically through the Fulbright Program.

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While U.S. applicants will get most of their information during the application phase from Fulbright administering agencies in the U.S., you are welcome to contact the Commission if we can be of assistance.

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Teach, work and explore Iceland

US Scholars

Fulbright Iceland has a robust grant program for U.S. scholars. Our U.S. scholars contribute significantly to Icelandic academia and return home invigorated, with new perspectives, collaborations and knowledge, which benefit their home institutions and their own careers.

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Study and explore in Iceland

US Students

These grants are for U.S. students who have completed an undergraduate degree and graduate students who wish to come to Iceland for study, independent research or artistic projects.

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