Fulbright mission in Iceland

Our mission is to foster collaboration between Icelandic and U.S. scholars, scientists, students and artists. Our goal is to increase mutual understanding, share knowledge and exchange ideas to make our world a better place.

By working together and sharing in a spirit of open-mindedness, diversity and respect for science, we are stronger and better able to meet the challenges of our day.

About Fulbright Iceland

The Icelandic Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Gudmundur I. Gudmundsson, and the American Ambassador, Mr. John J. Muccio, signed a bi-national Fulbright agreement between Iceland and the United States on February 23, 1957.  Since its establishment, the Fulbright Commission has been a pillar of the Iceland-US bilateral relationship.

The Fulbright Commission, formally the Iceland–United States Educational Commission, administers the Fulbright program in Iceland, as well as various other grant programs, and works to promote Iceland-US relations in general. In accordance with the ideals of the Fulbright program, we promote excellence in academic and cultural exchanges and promote mutual understanding between the people of Iceland and the United States. The commission is supported by funding allocations from both the U.S. and Icelandic governments and various other partners.

Approximately 1600 grants have been awarded to students and scholars of both nationalities since the establishment of the Commission in 1957.

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