Useful information

  • If you take any prescription medicine, bring enough for your entire stay. The same is valid for contact lenses, as they are more expensive in Iceland.
  • Bring with you what you can (within the airline luggage rules) in terms of clothing and personal items, as shopping in Iceland is relatively expensive.
  • Please note that you need to include some warm winter clothes, wind- and rainproof clothing and a bathing suit, as well as appropriate footwear for Icelandic weather and nature.
  • Consult with your phone company to make sure sure your cell phone is unlocked and can be used with an Icelandic SIM card

Travel Stipend

You will receive a fixed travel stipend, regardless of what you spend on your travelling arrangements.

International Flights

Grantees are responsible for their own travel arrangements and may use any airline that flies to Iceland.

Domestic Travel

Airlines in Iceland fly around the island to all the main areas in the country. Domestic flights are available at the following websites:

Domestic bus schedules are available at:

You can take a bus from several locations in Reykjavik to destinations all around the country.

Several bus companies operate services between Reykjavík and Keflavík Airport. The least expensive are the buses operated by Strætó, the municipal bus company (Bus 55). However, the service is infrequent and does not operate at night.

The private bus companies Airport Direct, Gray Line and Reykjavík Excursions all operate services to and from bus terminals in town and offer hotel drop-off and a variety of other options. Airport Direct and Reykjavík Excursions have bus terminals that are fairly close to downtown.

The bus system in Reykjavik has a user-friendly website that may help you decide on where you want to live if you are planning to stay in Reykjavik. There you will find a good map of Reykjavík. Also consider downloading the Strætó app to your smartphone. There you can plan routes and access a live map. The app can be set to Icelandic or English. The Fulbright Commission is close to the bus stop “Hlemmur”. For bus tickets and montly passes Strætó has an app called Klapp.


Housing in Iceland is expensive, particularly in central Reykjavík, and furnished rentals can be hard to find. We suggest you start looking for housing well in advance of your arrival. Generally speaking, housing is less expensive and easier to find outside the Reykjavík area. It is best done through your contact person at your chosen university.

While your host should provide assistance when it comes to your housing search, at least pointing out some options, grantees who do not have access to on-campus housing do need to take a proactive approach in the housing search.


Grantees studying at the University of Iceland in Reykjavík as full-time students can rent a room at the university’s dorm. You need to reserve a room through the university. Please let us know as soon as you have applied for housing there. All student housing requires a deposit to be paid in advance. It should be noted that the student stipend presupposes dormitory style housing or shared accommodation. PhD students conducting research might in some limited cases be eligible for student houses.

University housing

Grantees should contact their respective universities if they wish to apply for university housing. Host institutions should also be able to assist with finding housing off campus.

The University of Iceland has housing for which full-time students can apply.

Gamli Garður is on campus, at Hringbraut 29. The building was opened in 1934 but renovated in 2014. There are 43 rooms for students in the building, with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. Gamli Garður is the most affordable housing option for students at the University of Iceland. You can find more information on the Student Housing community website.

Private bedroom:

  • Closet
  • Internet
  • Bed
  • Desk
  • Chair

Shared facilities:

  • Kitchen
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove
  • Oven
  • Bathroom

Common areas:

  • Laundry room
  • Bicycle storage
  • Garbage storage
  • Storage
  • Lounge

Common bathroom and kitchen facilities are situated on each floor. Common laundry room and bicycle storage is found on the first floor. Common recreational facilities are on the top floor. The auditorium on second floor is available to residents for free for meetings or parties.

Reykjavík University assists its international students with housing. Information on student housing options and prices at RU can be found on their student housing webpage.  You can also contact their international student adviser for further information regarding their housing availability.

The Icelandic University of the Arts does not provide student housing but should provide assistance to grantees in their search for suitable housing.

Universities or colleges outside the Reykjavík area are the University of Akureyri, Bifröst University, the Agricultural University of Iceland at Hvanneyri and Hólar University College. In some cases university housing may be available, but in other cases your host will help you to find appropriate housing.

Searching for an apartment

Some universities have designated offices to assist visiting students and/or scholars with the housing search. Do not be shy about asking your host for advice on where to look and you will also be able to find information yourself through basic internet searches. The Fulbright program officer will send out additional information regarding housing, including any advertisements that are sent to the Commission. If housing has not been secured before your arrival, you will need to book a room at a youth hostel, an airbnb or a guesthouse to begin with.