Types of student grants

Fulbright Iceland offers general grants to all groups mentioned above. PhD students are eligible to do PhD research in Iceland. Students can enroll in master’s programs or do post-bachelor’s degree research. One grant is available for a student who enrolls in the program of Icelandic as a Second Language at the University of Iceland (see additional information below). Fulbright-NSF Arctic research grants are available to post-master’s and PhD students only.

Application information

The application process is administered by IIE in the United States. Initial inquiries should be made with that agency. The Fulbright IIE website contains detailed information and application instructions. The competition generally opens in the spring and the application deadline is generally in early October, but applicants should see https://us.fulbrightonline.org for all information, including precise information on the application timeline.

The number of total grants can vary between years, but typically four or five grants are available. Applications in all disciplines are welcome. Grants include a stipend intended to cover living expenses for a 9-month academic year, a travel stipend and baggage allowance, access to enrichment activities in Iceland and supplemental accident and sickness insurance coverage. It should be noted that the stipend is intended to pay for basic living expenses only, based on dormitory-style accommodations.

Joint Fulbright/Icelandic government grant

One grant is available for a student who enrolls in the program of Icelandic as a Second Language at the University of Iceland. Please note that in addition to applying for the Fulbright grant, applicants for the joint grant to study Icelandic must also apply for admission to the University of Iceland. This is a separate application that must be submitted to the university by February 1st. This must be submitted even though applicants may not know at that time whether they have received the grant.

Grantees are Fulbright grantees with all rights and obligations. The Ministry of Culture in Iceland funds this grant in part and the government stipend is administered by the Árni Magnússon Institute. The Fulbright Commission tops up the monthly stipend to bring it to the level of other Fulbright student grants in Iceland and provides a travel stipend and baggage allowance. The student also receives the limited health care plan provided to all Fulbright grantees.

Eligibility, applications and selection criteria are the same for all Fulbright Iceland student grants. All applicant information and access to the online application form is found on https://us.fulbrightonline.org.

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