Fulbright Iceland - National Science Foundation partnership

Fulbright Iceland has a unique partnership with the National Science Foundation in the United States, with grant programs focused on two areas that are currently prioritized by both countries: Fulbright-NSF Arctic research grants and Fulbright-NSF grants in cyber-security and critical infrastructure.

The Fulbright Core Scholar Program

The Fulbright Core Scholar Program grants are available to U.S. faculty and professionals to lecture and/or conduct research at Icelandic universities. Basic information is provided here, but scholars are encouraged to visit the Fulbright Catalog of Awards for a full listing of grants available through the Fulbright Commission in Iceland. The catalog provides detailed information on each grant.

For teaching grants, with or without a research component, the grant period is three to five months, usually corresponding to the fall or spring semester. The grant period for grants that are primarily research-based, such as Fulbright-NSF research grants, is anywhere from three to twelve months. Grant benefits include a travel stipend and baggage allowance, a stipend that covers living costs in Iceland, access to enrichment activities in Iceland and supplemental accident and sickness coverage for the grantee. U.S. scholars apply through the to CIES, the Council for International Exchange of Scholars, with a fall application deadline for the subsequent academic year.

All further information is available in the Fulbright Catalog of Awards, which can be found at https://fulbrightscholars.org/

The Fulbright Specialist Program

The Fulbright Specialist Program provides short-term Fulbright grants of two to six weeks to American scholars, artists and professionals to collaborate with professional counterparts on teaching, curriculum and faculty development, institutional planning and a variety of other activities, including presenting lectures and participating in seminars. Note that in most instances the host institution is expected to share the cost of the Specialist’s visit by providing housing, meals and in-country transportation. An exception to the cost-sharing rule applies to grants in the area of cyber-security and critical infrastructure, where all grant costs are covered by the Fulbright Commission.

U.S. scholars wishing to be considered for a specialist grant in Iceland must apply to join the Fulbright Specialist Roster.

Icelandic institutions that wish to request a U.S. specialist must apply to the Fulbright Commission. Applications are considered on a rolling basis. The application can be found at https://worldlearning-community.force.com/FSPHost/WL_SiteLogin

For further information about host institutin eligibility, see here: https://fulbrightspecialist.worldlearning.org/eligibility-host-institutions

The Fulbright Inter-Country Travel Grant

The Icelandic Fulbright Commission participates in the Fulbright Inter-Country Travel Grant Program. The program provides:

  • U.S. scholars on Fulbright grants in Europe with opportunities to enrich their professional and cultural experience outside of their country of assignment.
  • Icelandic institutions with an opportunity to invite Fulbright grantees from other countries in Europe to lecture in Iceland.

The inter-country scholar visit must take place during the U.S. scholar’s Fulbright grant period. Visits are expected to take 3-5 days.

The Fulbright travel grant will cover the visiting lecturer’s airfare from the host country using the most economical fare. The host institution is expected to cover accommodation, meals and in-country travel costs.

Fulbright scholars in Iceland who wish to take part in this program must have a host in another participating European country. The host applies to the Fulbright Commission in that country.

The host institution identifies a suitable scholar from the list of U.S. Fulbright scholars in Europe for the current academic year. If the host has not had previous contact with an interesting scholar, the Fulbright Commission may initiate contact on the host’s behalf.

The application form is available here. It should be filled out and sent to [email protected].