On July 4 1991, Ambassador Charles Cobb, then the United States Ambassador to Iceland, and Am­bassador Sue Cobb, presented the City of Reykja­vík with the statue Partnership in commemoration of 50 years of diplomatic relations between Ithe United States and Iceland. The Partnership Award was established that same year, on the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Americans eligible for the Partnership award are those who have demonstrated a long commitment to fostering U.S. relations with Iceland and to the building of bridges between the two countries. Preferably, the American recipient will have lived in Iceland or have made frequent visits. The recipient will have demonstrated a commitment to American values and culture and will have effectively communicated these values to Icelanders through actions and leadership.

The recipient is selected by the Board of Directors of the Fulbright Commission.

The sculptor of Partnership is Pétur Bjarnason. Identical sculptures stand in Reykjavík and Coral Gables, Florida. The two sculptures are continuously linked by the flows of the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf Stream waters. Miniature Partnership sculptures have been created for the recipients of the Partnership award.

Partnership sculpture. Picture taken by Jessica Harvey, Fulbright grantee 2011-2012