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U.S. Scholar Opportunities in Focus

Fulbright Iceland

Fulbright Iceland

Fulbright Iceland has many opportunities for U.S. scholars who wish to expand their international connections, while teaching and/or doing research abroad. Here are a few highlights from our current scholar offerings.

NEW! Greece-Iceland Joint U.S. Scholar Award for Arts and Design

This is an opportunity for creative Americans to gain inspiration from both the Arctic and the Mediterranean, creating and showcasing their art in both Greece and Iceland. The grant is open to all fields of art and design. The grant is for a total of six months. It is offered jointly by Fulbright Iceland and Greece, with 3 months to be spent in each country. The grant can start either in Greece or Iceland.

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Fulbright-MFA Arctic Scholar Grant

This collaborative grant between Fulbright Iceland and the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs brings US scholars to Iceland for 3-4 months to teach in areas related to the Arctic. Grantees will spend a semester teaching at a higher education institution in Iceland where they will contribute to strengthening Arctic scholarship and build long lasting academic relationships. This opportunity is open to all scholars, from post-docs to emeritus.

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Fulbright-NSF Arctic Scholar Grants

This is a research-focused grant for scholars and PhD students in social and natural science fields, as they relate to the Arctic and the people living there. Scholars can conduct research in Iceland for anywhere between 3 and 12 months, and can apply for additional funding for research-related costs.

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Fulbright-NSF Cyber-Security and Critical Infrastructure Grants

There are two awards, a distinguished scholar award for senior scholars (full professors) and a scholar award for younger scholars and post-doc.

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We count on our alums and friends to please promote these opportunities widely!
See the Fulbright Catalog of Awards for US scholars Iceland page here.