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Police Training Program Benefits from the Fulbright Specialist Program

Fulbright Iceland Valsson

Fulbright Iceland Valsson

Cyber security Specialist Cheryl Prudy working with students at UNAK

The Police Training Program at the University of Akureyri has over the past years received a number of Fulbright Specialists in various areas of cyber security, who make a crucial contribution in this important area of study. This past February, Dr. Cheryl Ann Purdy from University of the Cumberlands came to Iceland as a Fulbright Specialist, with specialized knowledge as a digital forensic examiner. She gave several well received public talks and shared important digital forensics resources and insights on matters such as police education that will help inform the teaching of prospective police officers going forward.

We have a number of Fulbright Specialist coming in the fall as Icelandic institutions have realized more and more what a great resource the Fulbright Specialist program is for building competencies and U.S. ties. You can read more on the Fulbright Specialist program and how your institution can receive a U.S. Specialist here.