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Grant Opportunities for Icelandic Students

Fulbright Iceland Valsson

Fulbright Iceland Valsson

Fulbright fellows Jónatan Hróbjartsson and Ivana Nikolic

Applications Are Now Open for the Academic Year 2025-2026!

Fulbright Iceland is now accepting grant applications from Icelandic students and scholars for 2025-2026 academic year. Deadline for all Fulbright awards for Icelandic students is October 14, 2024. The following awards are available for 2025-2026 academic year:

  • Fulbright student award to commence graduate studies in the U.S. (master’s or PhD)
  • Fulbright Visiting Student Researcher (VSR) award for PhD students at Icelandic universities for 4-12 months PhD research exchange in the U.S.

Additionally, Fulbright Iceland has grant agreements with a few U.S. universities, including the Cobb Fellowship for graduate studies in any field at University of Miami and includes both a stipend and reduced tuition for students. Read more about our partnerships with U.S. universities here.

Applicants interested in the Fulbright student awards can contact [email protected] with any questions. Click here for further information about the grants and how to apply.