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Fulbright Iceland

Fulbright Iceland

An Opportunity for U.S. Educators Apply Now!

Fulbright Iceland is excited to announce a new addition to our grant program. Iceland recently joined the Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching Research Program. We will start with one grant per year for a U.S. educator to visit Iceland to conduct a three-to-six-month research project and pursue additional learning. The Commission is working closely with the University of Iceland School of Education, which will host the grantee, and has also consulted with the Ministry of Education, which has provided invaluable advice and support.

The impetus to join this program came from the very positive experiences of hosting a Fulbright-Hays seminar for kindergarten to eighth-grade teachers in 2021, with a follow-up in 2023. As Executive Director Belinda Theriault noted, supporting teachers in their work is one of the best ways we can increase mutual understanding. Both countries can gain so much through cooperation in education. While we are starting with a program for U.S. educators, the Commission hopes that in the future it will be possible to add Icelandic educators to the program, allowing them to visit the U.S. for a similar experience.

The application deadline is February 19 for U.S. educators interested in pursuing a project in Iceland in 2025, either in the spring or fall semester.

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