A warm welcome to our U.S. grantees!

Fulbright Iceland

Fulbright Iceland

Fulbright Iceland warmly welcomes this year’s American scholars and students. We are excited every year to meet a new group of outstanding representatives of the U.S., who enrich our program greatly!


The current U.S. grantees are:

U.S. Students

Bethany Bronkema
Research Project at Reykjavík University: Life Cycle Assessment of Iceland’s Aluminum Production Process using Inert Metal Anodes.

Sydney Fox
Research Project at Reykjavík University: Atmospheric Fallout of Microplastics: Procedures for Collection and Analysis of Samples.

Brittaney Key
Project at the University Centre of the Westjords: M.A Interdisciplinary Studies – Community Planning in Rural and Remote Communities.


Fulbright-MoE Grant for Studies in Icelandic as a Second Language
Erik Maher
Project at Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies: Icelandic as a Second Language – Literary Self-Identities in Old Norse and Modern Icelandic.


Fulbright-NSF Arctic Research Grant
Meghan Orman
PhD Research Project at the University of Iceland: Developing Environmentally Sustainable Behaviors in Early Childhood.


U.S. Scholars

Fulbright Scholar Grant
Dr. Kirk Hoppe
Project at the University of Iceland: Teaching Africa in Iceland


Fulbright-NSF Arctic Research Grant
Dr. Áslaug Ásgeirsdóttir
Project at the University of Iceland: Iceland in the Arctic: Evolution of Arctic Policy and its Impact on Priorities in the Arctic Council.

Dr. Tenley Banik
Project at the Research Centre of the Westfjords: Exploring Connections Between Bedrock Geology and Atlantic Cod Populations in the Westfjords.

Dr. Wanda Gregory
Project at Reykjavík University: Empathic Computing – Mental Health and Wellness.

Fulbright NSF Distinguished Scholar Grant in Cyber-Security and Critical Infrastructure
Dr. Rakesh Verma
Project at the University of Iceland: E-Guard: Evaluating and Reducing Cyber Risk

MFA Arctic Scholar Grant
Dr. Cayla Rosché
Project at the Iceland University of the Arts: Icelandic Lyric Diction and Repertoire.

Fulbright Arctic Initiative III Scholar Grant
Dr. Jessica Graybill
Research Theme: Community Dimensions of Health. Research Project: Wellbeing and Resilience of the New(est) Northerners: Ukrainian Refugee Experiences in Iceland.

Iceland-U.S. Educational Commission Scholar Grant
Dr. Paul Muench
Project at the University of Iceland: Kierkegaard’s Ironic Socrates